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Commercial Lending Practices

Mr. Levy was, variously, a Senior Vice President & General Manager and a Managing Director at Chemical and Chase Manhattan Banks (both predecessors to JP Morgan Chase Bank) and a Senior Member of the Credit Committee. Currently, he is President of Gerald M. Levy & Co. LLC, Real Estate & Banking Consultants. He is a member of the CRE Finance Council (CREFC) and an Associate of the Mortgage Bankers Association of New York (MBANY). He has been heavily engaged in a wide range of banking and finance functions, including but not limited to construction lending, real estate lending, and commercial lending (non-real estate). Mr. Levy has experience with participation loans and loan syndications, structured finance, and unsecured loans. He also provided revolving credit/term loans, credit lines, and letters of credit. He has trained and supervised many lending officers; and has taught or lectured at many colleges and universities, law firms, professional groups, and trade associations.

He accepts appropriate assignments as a consultant, expert witness, mediator or arbitrator on many commercial bank and other institutional lending and risk evaluation practices including loan performance issues in both performing and non-performing credits and secured and unsecured loans. A sampling of topics is shown below:

Standards and Practices:

  • Lender & Borrower Responsibilities
  • Lead Bank & Participant Bank Responsibilities
  • Construction Lending Practices
  • Real Estate Lending Practices
  • Commercial Banking Practices (non-real estate)
  • Investment Banking Practices
  • Loan Officer Behavior & Code of Conduct
  • Borrower Behavior & Obligations
  • Lender & Borrower Liability Issues
  • Standard of Care

Loan Products:

  • Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Real Estate Loans
  • Letters of Credit
  • Lines of Credit
  • Participation Loans
  • Revolving Credit/Term Loans
  • Commercial Loans (non-real estate)
  • Structured Finance
  • Syndicated Loans
  • Unsecured Loans

Lending Functions:

  • Customer Relationships & Reports
  • Field & Office Based Investigations
  • Origination
  • Analysis & Underwriting
  • Loan Commitments
  • Loan Documentation
  • Initial Closings
  • Loan Sales
  • Administration
  • Troubled Loan Warning Signs
  • Final Closing & Repayment of Funds

Borrower Functions:

  • Provide Warrant of Title
  • Maintain Quality of Collateral
  • Assignment of Rents & Profits
  • Prompt Loan Payments
  • Prompt Principal Repayment
  • Pay Taxes, Assessments & Utilities
  • Fulfillment of Guarantees (if Triggered)
  • Prompt & Candid Reporting
  • Fulfillment of All Responsibilities

Credit and Risk Functions:

  • Appraisal Policies & Procedures
  • Environmental Risks & Policies
  • Appropriate Loan Covenants & Ratios
  • Evaluation of Guarantees
  • Loan Reviews
  • Risk Assessment, Ratings & Management
  • Risk Reduction Techniques
  • Restructurings & Workouts
  • Overdrafts & Offsets
  • Non-Accruals & Loss Reserves
  • Charge-Offs & Reserve Recaptures
  • Regulatory Policies & Relationships

Distressed Asset Functions:

  • Agent Bank Responsibilities
  • Risk Analysis
  • Voluntary Deed Transfer or Foreclosure or Bankruptcy
  • Acquisition
  • Due Diligence
  • Asset Management
  • Physical Upgrading
  • Leasing
  • Marketing & Sale