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Dispute Analysis & Litigation Support

Dispute Analysis and Litigation Support Services are separate and apart from expert testimony assignments. If not designated as an expert witness, such activities are typically protected by privilege. In appropriate cases legal counsel can be provided with a range of services that may include the following:

  • Review and Critique of Core Documents
  • Literature Search
  • Research Issues and Concepts
  • Identification and Explanation of Substantive Issues
  • Advise on Methodological Issues
  • Advise on Alternative Courses of Action
  • Identification of Potential Witnesses
  • Review of Expert Backgrounds, Reports, and Testimony
  • Development of Substantive Case Themes and Strategies
  • Assist in Preparation of Key Questions
  • Assist in the Preparation of Pre-Trial and Post-Trial Memoranda
  • Assist in Other Appropriate Case Management Activities