New York: 914-722-9400

Real Estate Risk Review

Mr. Levy is experienced in the evaluation of real estate and construction loan risks and the analysis of risks underlying the purchase and sale of investment real estate and the strengths and weaknesses of potential or actual complex ground lease or space lease transactions. He is also experienced in the utilization of risk rating systems.

He has extensive experience in the formation and restructuring of line and staff lending units and the analysis of the positive and negative impacts that interactions among them may cause.

Mr. Levy was Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Real Estate and Corporate Services Division of Chemical Bank and Managing Director at Chase Manhattan Bank. Mr. Levy was a senior member of the credit committee at both banks. He has also hired, trained, and supervised a large number of line lending officers and staff support personnel.

When appropriate, Mr. Levy is prepared to undertake risk review assignments for financial institutions, borrowers, and investors.